Why blog?

Social Media Landscape

Social Media Landscape

“Why blog when you can micro blog?” I ask myself this question every day. The time and effort one puts into blogging could be spent ingesting newer information, and that quick paced influx of media and knowledge constantly excites me. But, I know it is ever more important that I take the time to digest some of this information, and form ideas and opinions on things I really care about. Although I find myself more often interested in snippets of information than entire chunks, this blog could become the point where I learn to take those bits and make them cohesive.

Thus, Micah_2.0. Primarily, this site will function as a condensation of my various social profiles around the web, but I will attempt to actually write something once in a while. It seems my life is picking up enough momentum these days that I may actually have an intelligent, original thought every once in a while. Here’s hoping.


The inspiration for trying blogging for the 3rd time came from this post at ReadWriteWeb – 5 simple steps to make social media work for Higher Ed. As I am currently pursuing an MS in Library and Information Studies, and am proponent and user of social media, and as higher ed is something I care about, work in, and follow daily, it made sense that I take the time to give this a shot.

Photo courtesy of Ivan Walsh with a Creative Commons Attribution license.


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