Gen X vs. Baby Boomers

Wired Man

It seems that every few months this conversation comes up around me – what is/will be the continuing relationship of the post-modern generations? Well, as Jessie Newburn writes, it’s about to get more complicated. Her recent post rehashing the Public Media Camp conference really struck me as a worthwhile synopsis of how things are going.

She writes, discussing the move by traditional news media to attempt to include citizen journalism (bloggers, ect),

“Within minutes of being in the room, a woman a bit older than me and from the traditional media side of things said, (paraphrasing, I am), “Well, once WE set the standards of what we’ll accept from citizen journalists, then we can work with them.” A well-established blogger in DC, without skipping a beat and with passion in his heart, informed her, “We don’t want to volunteer for you. We want to be in partnership with you.

That sentiment really struck me this morning. I am still not sure where I fall on the Gen X/Millennial/Digital Native line, but of this I’m sure, the traditional ways of doing things barely enter the radar of my life. I enjoy reading the newspaper, but learn much more from active media content like twitter. I like TV, but prefer to watch shows on my time, on demand. And on, and on.

JessieX goes on to write that the Gen-Xers are over waiting around and asking for permission. They “are moving on with or without the institutions.” So, taking this idea outside of news and media, my thought and question is this: Are there ANY institutions that will remain relevant or worthwhile for the coming generations? What are the implications for the church, the university, the library, the government? Is the internet the new all-encompassing institute? And the ever present fear in the back of many minds, what do we do if it all crashes someday?

Photo Courtesy of Flickr User Mike Licht


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