Write what you know.

I tend to dive into blogging, as I have 2-3 times in the past, get a few posts in, and lose steam. It seems that most times it is because I “run out” of things to write about. More often now I am beginning to think I just keep trying to write myself into something I am necessarily not.

Recently I have been reconsidering my academic career. I had always assumed that the ultimate goal for my life would be a PhD. Perhaps because I was surrounded by people who were on that track. I’m beginning to think that my future in academia is not going to be dictated by a doctorate, but by the type of work I do; what I mean is that I am enjoying the professional side of higher ed much more these days than the academic side. I know these don’t necessarily have to be mutually exclusive, but for now it makes sense in my mind to concentrate on one or the other.

Thus, my new year blogging resolution (a few weeks late, I know)… write what you know. Right now I am working as an academic advisor, interested in Web 2.0 in real life, taking classes in Library and Information Studies and enjoying riding the wave of social technology that is engulfing our modern lives. As a hobby I am always struggling to keep up with new, unique and interesting independent music, and that might creep in here and there. So, thats what I’ll write. I’d like to interact more with happenings at FSU, and develop a voice about professional life in higher ed. Also, I need to stop pretending to be a super-competent academic and just be myself.

Regardless, I am going to do my best to be more regular with my posts. Weekly should do it, right?



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