Constructive Criticisms Welcomed


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I have a passion for the utility of emerging technologies in the workplace, everything from Web 2.0 for collaboration to social media for engaging and connecting with consumers and colleagues. I also have a distinct interest in the digital humanities, specifically their definition, use and propagation in Higher Education.

Professionally, I have worked with cultural/arts organizations and student services in the University, and in both instances I developed and introduced technology integration strategies that met with great success and support from my supervisors and peers.

My main area of expertise is in social media branding and development. I manage and curate content for 3 brands currently, and am continually working to stay abreast of new trends and opportunities for identity management.

In addition, I have a unique academic background in Pop Culture Studies (American) and Library and Information Science, both of which inform my professional interests in new media and its curation and collection. My goal is to work as a digital curator/librarian for a cultural organization, while utilizing both my skills of academic research and analysis and Web 2.0.

I have experience with a variety of online tools and software including:

-podcasting & digital storytelling development
-online social/professional networking, multimedia (digital video, photo and audio) & folksonimies
-writing for the web, i.e. blogging & microblogging strategies and best practices.
-wiki use as an organizational/informational tool
-online professional development and collaboration
-user-curation and information collection

I have hosted several training and informational presentations on the topics listed above for my colleagues and co-workers.

I am available for consultations, training and development in any or all of the areas of expertise outlined here. Be sure to connect with me here:


Social media, technology in higher education, digital humanities curation, cultural studies research and analysis, Mac OSX, Web 2.0


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