What's in my bag?

What's in my bag? (read photo notes over at Flickr.)

Life tends to get pretty cluttered when balancing work, part-time work, family, school and more. I stumbled across this post from Bille Hara over at ProfHacker (one of my favorite blogs as I continue to to pretend that I may someday be a “prof”) where she poses the question “What’s in your bag?”I followed the link trail over to the ProfHacker Flickr site and found myself having office envy over some of the workspaces pictured there.

This week, for whatever reason, I am mildly obsessed with finding ways to be optimally productive and yet simple. So here’s the question: what’s in your bag? What are the things that you find important enough to carry with you everywhere? Have you developed a method of simplifying your work/life clutter? How do you do it?


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