Cloudy with a Chance of Awesome

I am addicted. I’m pretty sure I’ve only considered myself “tech-savvy” for about a year now, but over the course of this year, I have become consumed. Never before in history has it been possible to be as connected or informed as we are now, and it is very exciting. In my shift from average internetter to digital citizen I have enlisted the help of social media, the glorious iPhone, and today’s topic, Cloud Computing. At once amazing and terrifying, the forecast for the next few years seems absolutely to be (cue cheesy Twilight Zone soundtrack)… cloudy with a chance of awesome.

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My first experience with the cloud was probably similar to most others’; I realized I could email myself stuff (documents, reminders, etc.) and access it from any computer. After upgrading my computer, thanks to a winning scholarship essay, I enrolled for a years subscription in Apple’s MobileMe service. Then, and only then, did I start to get it. I could potentially save my entire hard drive off in the cloud of internettery, and never worry about losing/finding anything. Ever. Well, until the subscription ended. Which brings me to my present situation. I am getting a sense from reading around the web, and my social media channels, that cloud computing is the new black. And, hey I’m all for it. (I’ve been a bit of a computing productivity kick lately and am into trying out all the new, interesting web tools.)

Here’s the kicker, and the double entendre of this post’s title – is anyone worried about the what happens if the clouds clear/disppear? What about privacy and safety? I keep imagining what kind of movie Fight Club would have been if it were made this year (Tyler Durden takes out Google HQ, or somesuch). Are we concerned at all about trusting this unruly web of 1’s and 0’s to eternally archive our heritage, memories and humanity?

Now the flipside – As I said before. I’m all in. I love being able to access my calendar, email, docs, pics, presentations, connections, music (soon?) from any device with an internet connection. I would love to buy an iPad and use apps to curate my internet experience. I have high hopes that one day I will be paid to use internet and web 2.0 technologies to preserve culture in a library or museum.

Just saying, clouds get grey and sometimes it rains. I’ll probably keep my external hard drives another few years just in case. Do you surf the clouds?


Post inspired by – Kate Ray’s film Web 3.0 about the Semantic Web

Cloud tools I love:


Google Docs




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