Re: #hacklibschool — The Short Version

It starts...

I actually have no time to write at the present (behind on schoolwork as any good student should be) but this is so cool I had to share. Will expound later on —

A few weeks ago I proposed we “Hack Library School.” The project is doing well.

Delicious. Wiki. Gdoc. Tweets.

My role in this? I’m building a hyper analytical RSS masher tool website so that librarians, and especially students can click one or two buttons and get a feel for what is going on right now in the field, without chasing links and Google Searching out the wazoo.

Tools I’m using – in more detail later:

Google Custom Search – Sooooooooooo cool and useful. Try a search for “ebooks.”

RSS grabbing, plugged into Netvibes, output OPML file, run through PostRank which then ranks blogs based on engagement. Soooper useful to see most popular topics, writers, ideas, etc.

Then, I’m gonna buy, plug all this amazing content up there and let the machine run itself!

Other ideas in the works too… taking suggestions also!

Everything I know about the internet I learned from Marshall Kirkpatrick.

Here. Here. Here. <— read, do, enjoy the internets much more.


One thought on “Re: #hacklibschool — The Short Version

  1. Hi, there. I think this idea is really cool and just have some questions about the direction you want to take this in. I am a first-year in a two-year program at The University of Iowa and started my own blog because I have a writing/editing/publishing background and want to keep that up. I think of it as my own space to draft ideas and keep it public to encourage me to try to put my best into it, even if it’s an informal context. Of course I will also use it as a self-promotional platform once I can gather all my content, but I’ve got two years before that will be an imminent concern.

    So my question is this: What all do you want tagged? Just any LIS-related posts inspired by things outside of the academy? And does it matter if it’s a tag instead of a category (on a technical level)? Is it important to tweet with the hashtag in addition to identifying it on the blog?

    I’m totally up for contributing to the community but might need a little more direction when you have a chance. Thanks!

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