Too Busy Reading to Write

I’m juggling a lot of different things right now, and unfortunately haven’t been able to keep up with my writing as much as I would like. (The quintessential bloggers dilemma.) However, I have been spending a good amount of time reading, digging myself into “the field” and generally being interested in lots of different things. Jeremy Boggs’ tweet the other day made me sit up and say, “Hey! Me too!” and it just so happened that Bobbi Newman went and posted a “What I’m reading” post just today. So, completely unoriginal, here’s how you can see what I’ve been reading:

I am a huge fan of Reeder on the iPad, and have a ton of RSS feeds that I scan daily. The best part is how easy Reeder/Google Reader makes it to share articles. I prefer not to spam my friends on Facebook with my boring professional life, and RT’s on Twitter can only go so far, so…

My Shared Items over on my Google profile is where most of my handpicked, best of, worth knowing articles end up.

I use Delicious less frequently and for stuff I want to read some other time.

So, just in case you were super curious what I find interesting, take a peek over there. Once I finally finish Library School I may even try reading a novel or culture-study book, who knows? (And, yes, I am already making a list of what I’m going to do when I’m out of school!)

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