R.I.P. Delicious – or – Data Curation Thrust Into The Limelight

Yesterday I experienced an amazing thing. Around 2pm the interwebs went aflutter with the news that Delicious, the popular social bookmarking site, was going the way of the buffalo. I heard it first in the ReadWriteWeb editorial room, where I hang out as an intern, and then it spread like wildfire through the variety of communities I follow on Twitter (higher ed, academics, librarians/info pros, cultural journalists and webtech folks mainly.) As of right now, 1am Friday morning, there still has not been an official confirmation of what exactly is going to happen to the service from its parent company Yahoo.

However… the aforementioned amazing thing… the power of the social web kicked in and people started to talk to one another. At around 5pm, I saw this tweet from Laura Pasquini linking to a Google Doc of alternatives to Delicious. I was at the time writing a quick post for my Tumblr on a few services I had heard chatted about on Twitter throughout the afternoon, and this Doc had them all in there, with Pros and Cons. In the midst of all this, Marshall Kirkpatrick posted his love letter to Delicious, which I helped do some research on, so I started to monitor comments on his post for further engagement (as any good intern would do).

As the news grew and spread throughout the evening, I saw all kinds of new ideas, cool looking web apps to try out, and different ways of imagining data all being discussed because a valuable service we have grown so accustomed to might be shutting down.

The best part? I think this was a real kick in the pants that will get all sorts of different groups (computer science, digital humanists, techies, web geeks, information professionals, etc.) talking about the one thing we are all coming face to face with in the ever-expanding social web – data/content curation.

This is a topic I have grown really interested in over the past few months, and will be following very closely in the future. Now, I just have to find out how and where to save all my links, articles, and research. Where will you be moving your bookmarks?

Articles on the shuttering of Delicious:

HuffPo, TechCrunch, Gizmodo

Alternate services to check out:

Evernote, trunk.ly, kippt, pinboard, Curated.by, and Blekko

I’m in process of beefing up my Curation Twitter list also. Follow if you’d like. Who do I need to add?


28 thoughts on “R.I.P. Delicious – or – Data Curation Thrust Into The Limelight

  1. Thank you for the list of alternate services. I for one am a total virgin to all of this (though I have dabbled in Delicious…and yes, I realize how bizarre/naughty that sounds!). Interesting to see how it all shakes out in the end.

  2. Glad to see this post Freshly Pressed! Before you know it, we’re all going to be saying we knew you when…

    This business with Delicious has been very interesting. Personally I think Yahoo will see the light, but I really hope that Delicious is acquired by a company that will take care of it. I think the Library of Congress expressed some interest in Delicious when it was on the market a few years ago, and it would be nice if they could come back with an offer.

    We’re only beginning to consider the amount of information we can gather using social services like Delicious. Most other social bookmarking websites don’t aggregate data publicly like Delicious. If it does shut down, it will be a real blow to the digital social sciences & humanities.

  3. You may consider Mister-Wong – iPhone and iPad apps are still missing but beside that there service is close to Delicious. Import/Export from Delicious are available.
    Hope the enormous feedback brings Yahoo back on track leaving Delicious alive.

  4. As the pillars of last year’s internet memes come crashing down, next year’s new internet will rise from the rubble, stronger, faster, and more connected.

  5. Wow how interesting! I actually just discovered delicious recently when I realized my blog had been bookmarked by a bunch of people.

    I’m completely addicted to symbaloo.com for bookmarking purposes. I use it in my classes all the time.
    Congrats on being freshly pressed!

  6. I, too, am sad to see the end of Delicious. Yes, there probably are alternatives, but wouldn’t it be great if Google or Twitter took it under wing?

  7. I guess I’m just an old guy deep down. At 37, many young teens and twenty-somethings see me as old and out of touch. Yet I’m more than out of touch because I never was even in touch with my own generation – X.

    I signed up for delicious a while back and could never figure it out. Never figured out what the need for it or interest in it was. I think I bookmarked one thing.

    The same goes for much of the things available on the internet and technology. And I like it that way!

  8. Delicious continues to be my aggregator of choice. It’s got great design, community, and usability.

    Not only do I bookmark to compile research, I blog about the experience and find it’s a great way to build community.

    Listen up, Delicious.

    Thanks for the post.

  9. Man, this is the first time I hear of this. *mental note to self – what’s wrong with you?*
    Thanks a lot for sharing!
    And congrats on Freshly Pressed 🙂

  10. Thanks for the info! Made sure to export my bookmarks just in case!

    I’m sure there’s better services out there, but since I have been using delicious for quite a while, it is not so easy to up and change!

  11. I still actively use Delicious for my research work, it keeps all my sources so I can refer to them whenever I need to. I just found out about Delicious yesterday via a friend on Twitter and later on Digg. I am so upset with Yahoo!’s STUPID decision like you can’t even imagine. I think it’s actually selfish (yes, SELFISH) to buy something as smart and popular like Delicious and then take it for granted. If you haven’t noticed, they tweeked the site a bit and I to like it even more. What on earth would they do something like that for if they were just going to get rid of it. I’m sorry, I’m so upset.

  12. There are still opportunities for Delicious. Yahoo has issued a statement that they are NOT shutting down Delicious, just hoping to sell. Let’s hope someone with more vision buys them out.

  13. It’s not shutting down, but being sold (posted on Gizmodo and Lifehacker). Unfortunately (or not) I’ve already migrated to Pinboard and am using a Chrome extension to access my bookmarks from there. Loving it, and I don’t think it’s going away at all, any time soon.

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