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I’m happy to announce The Infornado will be kicking off the new year with a new semi-regular series titled “ToolShare.” As I have become more and more a fan of testing out and learning new web apps, I figured why not take the time to highlight some of the tools I use that enhance my web experience. This is an open invitation to any and all readers to submit proposals for guest posts also. What do you use on the web that helps you the most?


To begin, I’d like to highlight my go-to spot for Q&A: Quora. I was lucky enough to grab an early invite to the service thanks to Jessamyn West (name drop!) and although I have not invested a lot of time in Quora yet, it is on my list of “must invest lots of time” into. The value of the service thus far is that, similar to many other web apps we are familiar with, Quora allows the user to group questions around topics. Anyone can submit an answer and answers get voted up or down by usefulness. Currently, the site seems to be a hot bed of techy, new media focused topics, but with the potential that Quora offers, one could start a topic on anything and grow it. Users can follow topics or specific questions, ask and answer anything they wish, and (here it comes) curate a sub-section of knowledge based on their interests.

For me Quora is a space where I trust the responses I will get. I have only asked a few questions, but so far the answers have been really helpful, and have led me to a desire to participate back in the community. If I could find a way to discipline myself, I would log in to Quora once a day and answer 2-3 questions, and ask a few of my own. In fact, that is part of the reason I am writing this post!

Uses – culling general or specific knowledge on any topic, idea or interest from a committed community of users.

Wishes – RSS feeds or embed-ability for topics/questions.

Competitors – Ask Metafilter

This post was inspired by Erick Schonfeld’s  7 Technologies That Will Rock 2011 and Marshall Kirkpatrick’s openness about the tools he uses to hack the web.


One thought on “{Series} ToolShare – Quora

  1. This sounds like what Reddit has become, although more professional and less filled with internet snark. Checking it out!

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