Library Day in the Life – Micah V. Edition

I’m proud to be a participant in #LibDay6, and even more proud since I actually can participate, having a job in a library and all (even if it is part time!)

Currently I am working as a Project Coordinator on Project CHART (Cultural Heritage, Access, Research and Technology) – an IMLS funded digitization project between the Brooklyn Museum, Brooklyn Historical Society and my institution Brooklyn Public Library. (Read my introduction post on the Brooklyn Collection’s blog – Brooklynology.)

So, here’s my typical day – Tues Jan. 25th.


Leave house 8:45 walk in snow to BPL.

Listen to NPRs Pop Culture Happy Hour Podcast on the walk to get my culture fix.

In office: 9am – check email, Twitter for news and/or interesting articles on LIS-related stuff.

Volunteered to help out Smithsonian Archives with something via this tweet from @digitaleffie – Effie Kapsalis, Head of New Media at Smithsonian Institution Archives. (YAY for cool, interesting stuff to do!)

Write out proposed schedule/to-do for the day.

Tweeted the LucidChart workflow that the interns and I built to organize our digital project – got a good response.

Met with intern – set agenda for the day.

Discussed the necessity and value of Controlled Vocab in a shared catalog between 3 different types of institutions.

Researched and rewrote DCMI fields we will be using for our project.

Quick meeting with Supervisor to update her on the status of the project.

Break for a bagel and coffee!

Discussion with our archivist about different types of archival media and the pros and cons of each.

Researched ALA annual conference and the LITA Division with the intern. Plan to register for the conference next week, and schedule travel and lodging.

More Email.

Practiced digitization process with test images.

Conference call at 3pm with the coordinators at the other institutions.

Practicing digitization process with test images. Working out the kinks in the process.

Lunch at 4pm!

Practicing digitization process with test images. MORE KINKS TO WORK OUT!

Plan future conference call with Project CHART’s technical advisor and the libraries IT team to discuss the details of building our shared website on Drupal architecture.

Read Smithsonian’s Digital Strategy doc for inspiration. [PDF]

Finalize some processes in the digital process. (Finally!)

Clock out and head home!


Then quick dinner, homework and log in for my library school class, Management of Information Organizations from 8-10. Did I mention that I am soooo ready to graduate and get to work in this field!?


2 thoughts on “Library Day in the Life – Micah V. Edition

  1. Whoops! You mean the SIA rather than the LOC 😉 We’ll be glad to have you at the Smithsonian Institution Archives.

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