HackLibSchool and My Future.

I typically try to keep new articles up here more regularly than I have been. Recently I’ve been caught up with the kick off of HackLibSchool, which developed out of an article I wrote over at In The Library With A Lead Pipe back in October. The gist of it is – as students in library school in 2011 we should all be communicating, using the web to constructively critique our education, and building foundations for change in our profession. I was incredibly inspired by the Alt-Ac folks, Profhacker and Hacking The Academy, and figured if they could do it, we should too.

I reached out to some fellow LIS student bloggers who I respected and had connected with, and we took the project on around the start of this year. Balancing this on top of work, school, and life has not been easy, but this is something we all believe in, and thus have put in tons of effort building it. We officially launched the beginning of this week, and the response has been super positive, overwhelming and so encouraging. I am so proud to know that in a few short months I will enter the profession of librarianship with MANY colleagues from a variety of LIS programs, backgrounds and professional interests.

If the content here is slim in coming weeks, please look for me over at HackLibSchool. I sense that this space will be used differently in the near future as my professional career develops, but either way, I will continue to write. Thanks for stopping by.


Begin freak out > OMG. HackLibSchool was featured on Digital Humanities Now! I freaking love Digital Humanities everything and this is so cool! (I’m raising the roof right now, while I sit in my room alone, logged in to my Information Organization Management course.) End freak out.

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