Working the data – #ALA Elections

Got the following email via ALA Young Professionals Think Tank from Kim Leeder:


One of the subgroups in the Young Turks/Librarians/Professionals Task Force has been exploring possibilities for equalizing elections to give qualified young ALA members (and everyone, really!) a better chance at being elected to Council and other offices. It is a challenging topic, and we’ve realized that it might be easier to pilot an initiative ourselves than to simply pass it on to the ALA Executive Board with our recommendations.

So here it is: a sortable, searchable spreadsheet of all those running for ALA Councilor at Large in the current, Spring 2011 election. Please take a look, share it widely, and let us know what you think.

It’s located at:

Your feedback and suggestions are welcome.


Kim Leeder & the Young Professionals Task Force


Sensing the opportunity to test out my budding data skills – I quickly whipped these up. Feel free to use my data to make different visualizations. Thinking more deeply about what we see here, is this endemic of something? Are our elected leaders really representative of the profession? You tell me. The data speaks for itself. 



States represented in ALA Elections Many Eyes

ALA Election Data 1 Many Eyes

Regions represented in upcoming ALA elections Many Eyes


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