#scholcomm Q of the Day: Tenure and Promotion Vs. Open Access

Someone tell me if I’m getting this wrong:

It doesn’t really matter to T&P boards because authors retaining copyright, pursuing open access publishing options, and sharing work through IRs does not in any way restrict them from ALSO continuing to publish and gain prestige in their field’s journals (the nature of open access being to avoid restrictions). In fact, it just opens up the possibility for them to have greater impact by allowing works to be searchable and “open” on the web. And as most T&P boards are looking for scholarly impact and merit in the field, having works open and available can greatly enhance ones profile. 

“We make sure to be clear that our authors can publishing in *any* journal and still participate in Open Access. If you do it this way (post pre-prints or manuscripts not final published versions) tenure and promotion aren’t at risk.” 

To be honest, I think the most important direction we can take when continuing to pursue this is to educate faculty on their rights as authors, and provide them with contract addenda to secure those rights. Then, they can publish how and wherever they want (hopefully also in the IR). At very least, having preprints of works in the IR would not in any way harm scholarly output or prestige.

Right? Or am I missing something in the mix?


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