Phase Two: Professional Life

I'm a librarian?

In case you hadn’t noticed, I took a little break from writing here. Since the kick off of Hack Library School I’ve been pretty busy managing the growth and development of that blog, which I am very proud of and hope it continues to be an active resource for LIS students. That said, a majority of the blogging I’ve done here was focused on my journey through a graduate degree in Library and Information Studies at Florida State University which I completed in April, 2011. Thus the title of this post — I’m moving on from writing about library school in this space.

Currently, I am working part time as the Scholarly Communications Project Manager at Florida State, a job I greatly enjoy. I’ve been researching initiatives at other institutions that have explored changes and adaptations in the scholarly publishing model, and I’m pretty sure I’ve done more reading and studying on this topic than for many of my classes! My interests in digital humanities and emerging technologies set me up perfectly for a job that explores these sorts of topics. Officially, my appointment as Project Manager will end in November.

This little update is meant to say that once I get settled in a permanent position I plan to pick up on the regular blogging again. I have a lot to say (as evidenced in my Hack Library School posts) and lots of ideas I’d love to share and collaborate with peers and colleagues on. One of the things I see growing more important in my future career is the continuation of my research interests in American Studies, an area I put on hold through library school. I have always enjoyed the discourse of academia and scholarship and hope to contribute and add to the conversation as I develop into a professional career.

Thanks for those who have read up to this point. I hope to sink into a routine in the coming months as my job situation is worked out, and hope you’ll check back in for the next phase of my writings. If you’re interested, I write shorter thoughts/ideas over on Posterous and post a lot of pictures I take on my Tumblr.


Micah V.


One thought on “Phase Two: Professional Life

  1. When are you going to start “Hack Early Career Librarianship”?! I’m down!

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