DH, ScholComm and the Evolving Character of Librarianship

I’ve been invited to be a contributor to a forthcoming issue of the Journal of Library Administration. It will be a special issue focused on digital humanities and why Library Admins should be paying attention. I am doing some preliminary reading and wanted to poll the hive mind for ideas.

I will be writing about how DH and ScholComm are prompting a shift in the way libraries/ians think of themselves, and how they construct perceptions of themselves to the research community. I’ll be adapting and expanding on the piece I wrote for In The Library with the Lead Pipe a few months ago. 

So… what do you think? Are we, as DH-interested librarians, thinking of ourselves differently? Are you interacting differently with your colleagues in more traditional roles? How is your campus/community reacting to DH-ish outreach and roles? What about your Dean’s and higher University Admins?

Thanks for any and all comments, things to read and challenging my ideas! 


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